We all know that change is constant, the only thing that does not change is change.

When you think about securing company data there is also an evolving threat landscape.  The way that hackers are approaching hacking has really changed and so the ways that we need to protect ourselves have also changed. 

And lastly industry regulations and standards have not only changed but also increased.  As we have things like cloud computing we see people ask how do the existing and new industrial regulations and standards that companies have to comply with apply to this new world where customers don’t have the computing resources on premise.

Protect your organization’s data and comply with legal requirements using Office 365 tools that are integrated and easy to use.


Archive vital business content 

Save important content to Office 365 with robust retention and archiving tools

Easily find relevant content

Search for and access content as needed for legal and business requirements with eDiscovery

Monitor data Access & Activity

Broad and deep service insights about how customer data is being used, accessed and shared


Productivity first

Educate and empower end users to be compliant
without affecting productivity


Deliver rich, low cost compliance via built in features

Suite Wide

Easily apply consistent compliance controls, reports, UX across Office 365


Insight into potential breaches

Identify anomalies in your Office 365 environment which may be indicative of a breach

Assess your risk

Leverage behavioral analytics to assess risk

Leverage Threat Intelligence

Identify known attack pattern activities originating from risky sources leveraging Microsoft’s threat intelligence


Easy To Use and customizable

Use out of the box policies or customize your own

Visibility into violations

Identify policy violations, investigate alerts on a user, location, or activity level

Stop Questionable Activities

Enforce actions like user suspension

Lower your Risk

Assess risk from apps that have permissions into Office 365 data and remove their rights centrally 


View into your Office 365 Usage

Easy to understand dashboard into Office 365 consumption

See What shadow IT is happening

Discover ~1000 cloud applications that have similar functionality to Office 365

Nothing to Install

No agent required on end points to gather data




Trust Microsoft’s verified services

Microsoft is regularly audited, submits self-assessments to independent 3rd party auditors, and holds key certifications.

Over 900 controls in the Office 365 compliance framework enable us to stay up to date with the ever-evolving industry standards across geographies.