The ideal solution to your network challenges

Build a better network with Cumulus Linux

Finding the right networking solution for your datacentre can be a challenge. Network management is a huge component for gaining visibility into your infrastructure and choosing the right solution is a pivotal decision. Cumulus Linux is a powerful open network operating system that enables you to automate, customize and scale using web-scale principles like the world’s largest data centers. Organizations can install the open source operating system on different networking hardware devices and, in doing so, gain all the benefits of software-defined networking (SDN) without any of the hassles of proprietary and locked-down software. In summary, you can build an efficient, affordable data center network using open networking software that runs on Linux using web-scale principles.

Key Benefits

The ideal solution to your network challenges

Increase amount of switches per operator up to 75%

Built for the automation age to reduce manual errors

More choice and flexibility for your needs and budget 

Save money by reducing TCO up to 60%

Increase team efficiency and deploy up to 95% faster

BEarena have partnered with Cumulus to bring you the world's most flexible network operating system. Leave your details to receive the E-book and find out how to design a successful IT network.