BEarena’s EM+S FastTrack Solution 

BEarena’s EM+S solution enables companies to integrate their cloud and on-premise user identities enabling security and control over access to company data and applications from any device.  Through the use of Single Sign-On, application control and mobile device management within the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security suite of products companies can now have the security they need while providing the mobility and access employees need to do their job.

The EM+S FastTrack Solution enables:
  • Identity and access management through Azure Active Directory.
  • User and entity behavioral analytics with Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics.
  • Information protection via Azure Rights Management.
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) through Intune policies.
  • Cloud and SaaS application security with Microsoft Cloud App Security (additional).
The EM+S FastTrack Solution implementation has two major components:

Core onboarding – Tasks required for tenant configuration and integration with Azure Active Directory, if needed. Core onboarding also provides the baseline for onboarding other BEarena Online eligible services.

Service onboarding – Tasks required to configure any of the standalone variants of the EM+S workload (Azure AD Premium and Intune).

All on boarding support and configuration is provided remotely. The process: 
  1. Once onboarding starts, we’ll set up a schedule of project meetings.
  2. The BEarena team will complete any core capabilities first (common for all Microsoft Online Services) and then with onboarding each eligible service.
  3. The EM+S Onboarding and Migration Stages will consist of:

Kick Off


Planning & Design


Production Implementation


Project Closure