Leverage the Cloud for Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Backup, Replication and Disaster Recovery for ALL workloads

Veeam and BEarena continue to strengthen their partnership to bring you the #1 solution for Availability and Backup

You can now leverage a great backup product that is cost-effective, advanced and easy to manage.  Experience Backup, Recovery and Replication for ALL workloads – virtual, physical and cloud – from a single management console. Eliminate legacy backup solutions forever and enjoy simplicity, scalability and 24.7.365 Availability for your applications and data. Improve efficiency and customer experiences while you save money in the process.

FlexDR is a Secure Cloud Hosting solution (built into Veeam Backup & Replication) to easily extend backup infrastructure to the cloud. You do not need to buy additional media or infrastructure to store your back up data and you only pay for the data you’re protecting. No matter how many copies are backed up.


Save time and shorten your backup windows


Restore entire VMs, individual files and everything in between


Streamline data availability and DR

Allow your business to maximise resources focused on growth with FlexDR

Solid Backup and DR strategy with powerful capabilities 

Veeam’s capabilities tied into FlexDR offers an unrivalled backup solution because of industry-leading features such as instant recovery for tier-1 Microsoft applications and advanced replication capabilities that enable near-continuous data Availability.

Increased ease of management 

Automate backup and recovery verification for 100% of your workloads, combined with excellent customer support.

Unparalleled innovation

Veeam and BEarena’s partnership has a history of bringing the most innovative technology from our offices to yours.

Make sure your most valuable asset, your data, is protected. Upgrade today!